Sunday, April 10, 2011

National Geographic's "Now you see it - Now you don't" MACEDONIA magic trick!

April 10, 2011

Miltiades Elia Bolaris

Here below is a well presented video, showing how international geopolitics (Yugoslavia's rapprochement with the West after the Tito-Stalin rift) led the "scientifically objective" National Geographic to follow a three step magic act of deception and chicanery on a grand scale:

In 1962 the "apolitical" National Geographic makes its first magic act by "splitting" historic Macedonia of Greece, causing in amoeba-like genesis the sudden geographic appearance of another "Macedonia", this one in Yugoslavija, in line with Washington's appeasement of Titoist policies at the time.

The second act of National Geographic Balkan magic happens in 1969, where Macedonia disappears from the National Geographic universe, being erased from the map of Greece (as well as from that of Yugoslavia) fading temporarily into geopolitical and geographic oblivion.

The final act of National Geographic's grand forgery magic act appears in 1992 through the parthenogenesis  of a "Macedonia" (in reality the metamorphosis of the Yugoslav so called People's Republic of "Makedonija") and the concurrent disappearance (erasing) of historic Macedonia from the map of Greece!

The illusion of scientific objectivity and fallacious sense of political impartiality by the National Geographic is amply documented in all its State-Department-line-tailing, narrow minded "geopolitics Über Alles" apotheosis!

Here is the magical proof:

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